Introducing Red Dog’s Puppy Playcare Program!

Currently offered Monday – Friday at our Boston location on Southampton Street

Congratulations on your new addition to the family!

Getting a puppy may very well be one of the most exciting things in life! You get to choose the perfect name, the most comfortable new bed, and you do all the research to be sure your puppy grows into a well-mannered sidekick. But do you know where to begin when it comes to Doggie Daycare? Your puppy follows you everywhere, but how do you boost their confidence in being away from you? How do you introduce them to other pups? These are all questions that many new puppy parents ask themselves and Red Dog is happy to say, we’re here to help. We’ll be there to assist you in guiding your puppy through a very important stage of their life!

A program specifically designed for your new pup!

Red Dog’s Puppy Playcare is our newest program, intended for puppies 12 weeks to 5 months old who are not yet ready to play in our daycare program, but are ready to experience the world around them. This fun and enriching program is designed to help socialize puppies in a safe environment, during a critical time of physical and mental development. Our Puppy Specialists commit to engaging puppies in positive interactions, introducing puppies to everyday experiences, reinforcing potty and crate training and conducting group socialization. Red Dog’s Puppy Playcare offering is not intended to be a training program and any puppy that displays behavioral difficulties will be referred to a certified trainer.

Full- Day


Half- Day (5hrs or less)

FULL-DAY 10 Day Package
$580 (saves $2/day)

Red Dog’s Puppy Playcare Always Includes:

  • Separate Puppy Play Area, away from the older dogs
  • Always Supervised Group Play
  • Outdoor On-Leash Potty Walks
  • Lunch time feeding, if requested
  • Private Nap Time Space
  • Puppy-Safe Toys
  • Puppy Focused Exercises and Activities
  • Individual Playtime with our Puppy Specialists

Your puppy’s first friends are some of the most important!

Our program is centered around reinforcing important doggie life skills!

No, we don’t teach them puppy dog eyes or how to steal their owner’s heart, they pick that up on their own! However, we do center our program around essentials such as socialization, crate training/potty walks, and building confidence in new surroundings. Your puppy’s schedule will alternate throughout the day between puppy group play times, outdoor potty walks, individual play sessions with puppy appropriate toys and their very own individual spaces to kick back and do what puppies do best…nap!

Puppy Playcare Daily Schedule

Consistency is very important with puppies and we want our puppy parents to know exactly what your puppy’s day will look like each day.

Half Day Puppy Playcare schedule will look similar, but will be adjusted as necessary depending on drop-off & pickup times.

7am – 9am Drop-Off Time for Full-day Playcare
Please be sure to let your pup go potty outside prior to arrival at Red Dog.

9:00am Puppy Group Playtime (Puppies are introduced to one another in a group and have supervised socialization time with one another for 20-30 minutes)

9:30am Outdoor Potty Walk

10:00am Nap Time

11:30am Outdoor Potty Walk

12:00pm Puppy Group Playtime

12:30pm Lunch, feeding only if requested
*Food must be brought in individual ziploc bag or container

1:30pm Outdoor Potty Walk

2:00pm Naptime

3pm Puppy Group Playtime

3:30pm Outdoor Potty Walk

4:00pm Rest / Individual Playtime with Puppy Specialist

5pm – 7pm Pickup Time for Full-day Playcare
Puppies will alternate between Puppy Group Playtime and Rest during this time, while they wait for their parent’s arrival for pickup. Last Potty Walk for puppies will be 5:30pm.

Puppy Playcare Requirements

We want to make sure all puppies participating in Playcare are healthy and safe while at Red Dog, exceptions cannot be made to any of the below requirements.

  • All puppies must have received their first Distemper (DHPP) vaccine at eight (8) weeks or older and their second round of the Distemper (DHPP) vaccine at (12) weeks. Vaccines cannot be given the same day as a Puppy Playcare reservation. 
  • Proof of Rabies vaccine as soon as puppy is eligible
  • Puppies must show a Negative result of a Fecal Exam (including Giardia) before his/his first day at Red Dog (this fecal test can be completed at Boston Animal Hospital for an additional charge).
  • Completion of Red Dog’s Puppy Questionnaire
  • All puppies must come to Puppy Playcare with a size-appropriate leash, harness and a flat buckle collar (no extendable flexi leads please).

Please note that puppy treats are given to reinforce positive behaviors during Red Dog’s Puppy Playcare Program. Please notify us of any allergies your puppy may have, prior to arrival.


All puppies who complete our Puppy Playcare Program are eligible to graduate to one of our Doggie Daycare groups, after a passing daycare evaluation (free of charge at any Red Dog location). For the safety of all puppies, graduation from the program will be dependent on age, weight and behavior and will be determined by our Puppy Specialists.

Looking for a caring and knowledgeable Veterinarian for your new puppy? Boston Animal Hospital is always accepting new patients. Click here to learn more about all the services Boston Animal Hospital has to offer you and your pup or visit our New Patient page to schedule your New Puppy appointment. 

Interested in Other Red Dog Services?

All puppies must be fully vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (every six months) before participating in Overnight Stays, Grooming (with the exception of nail trims) and Aquatics Services.