Day Stay

Our Day Stay program is an alternative option for pet guests that are not a good match for Daycare. There are many reasons that Day Stay may be a better choice, especially for dogs over six months of age that are not neutered or spayed or for those that do not pass the Daycare Evaluation. Red Dog’s goal is to always provide a safe environment and an excellent experience for all of our pet guests. Day Stay is a great way for your pet to receive the very best care while he/she is staying with us at Red Dog!

Basic Day Stay

  • 3 outdoor potty breaks ranging from 10 – 15 minutes
  • Lunchtime feeding (by request only)
  • Kuranda Orthopedic Pet Bed
  • Plenty of love & attention from our Pet Care Team

Premium Day Stay

  • 2 Personal Plays (outside if weather permits)
  • 3 outdoor potty breaks ranging from 10 – 15 minutes
  • Lunchtime feeding (by request only)
  • Kuranda Orthopedic Pet Bed 
  • Plenty of love & attention from our Pet Care Team

Dogs that participate and enjoy our Day Stay option, typically: 

  • Are a bit dog reactive, and do not play well with other dogs
  • Did not pass our Daycare Evaluation
  • Unneutered males and unspayed females over six (6) months (Seven (7) month in Massachusetts)
  • Are older pups, who do not wish to participate in daycare
  • Have decreased mobility issues
  • Shy or uncomfortable dogs in group settings
  • Enjoy a day of napping and relaxation, opposed to playing with other dogs




Day Stay can fill up quickly, as we only have a limited number of rooms available for our Day Stay guests. We require our Day Stay guests to make reservations through our pet portal ahead of time. Same day reservations and Walk-Ins are accepted, but on a first come basis and proof of all vaccination requirements must be up to date in our system. 



Pricing and Availability varies per location.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept drop-offs for Daycare or Day Stay services any earlier than 5:30am Monday – Friday. All early drop-offs must be scheduled and paid for ahead of time. We do not offer an early drop-off option for any reservations for Overnight Stays.

All scheduled early drop-offs must arrive at the resort no later than 6:45am Monday – Friday, no early drop-offs will be accepted after 6:45am during the weekdays.



Pricing and Availability varies by location.

We always understand that pet parents cannot always pick up their pups within our open lobby hours, this is why we offer our late pick-up option. We ask that you always schedule and pay for a late pick-up from Daycare, Day Stays and Overnight Stays one hour before our lobby closing time. The charge for a late departure varies per location and is charged per hour. If a pup is not picked up by the latest available pickup time, the charge for an Overnight Stay in one of our Traditional accommodations, along with our house food will be applied.


Not knowing when a pet parent is going to arrive to pick up their dog is difficult for us, as we do not know if we should be feeding your pup dinner or if we should be setting him/her up for the night in one of our overnight accommodations.

If you are unable to pick up your pup from Day Stay by our lobby closing time and do not notify us prior to closing, you will incur a charge of $100 + our late pick-up charge (varies by location).