Cat à La Carte Services

Personal Play

Enjoy 10-15 minutes of one-on-one time with one of Red Dog’s Pet Care Technicians! Does your cat prefer to chase a feather or have cuddle time with lots of ear scratches? Either way your kitty will be sure to get to do what he/she loves most.

Bed Time Tuck-In w/ Story

Your cat will unwind with one-on-one cuddle time before going to bed! Right before lights out, our Pet Care Technician will read your kitty a bed time story, setup your cat’s bed and give some extra love.

Purified Water

Even though Red Dog has a purified water system, this water option comes directly from the bottle! Some cats are sensitive to certain water changes and a purified bottled water is the perfect option!

Meow Hour

Your cat can enjoy an extra added treat in the afternoon or evening!

Laser Tag

Does your cat have lots energy and enjoy playing a game of chase? Then they’ll love a game of laser tag with one of our Pet Care Technicians!

Cat Nip Treat

A special treat for our cat nip loving guests! This treat will surely get your kitty purring in happiness.