Daycare Evaluation

Welcome to Red Dog’s Doggie Daycare program! Your dog is about to embark on a journey with new friendships, socialization opportunities, and enrichment activities like they’ve never experienced before. Our Doggie Daycare program is one of a kind and we’re excited to get to know you and your dog. Learning what makes your pup unique is how we ensure they have a daycare experience that fits their comfort level and specific needs. Our Daycare Evaluation is the initial meet and greet with you and your pup. We know that this first day can be both exciting, but can also make a pet parent a bit nervous. We want to ensure that you and your dog are as prepared as possible for this big day. Please review the following information in preparation for your pup’s daycare evaluation.

What to Expect During Your Dog’s Evaluation:

To accurately assess your dog for our Daycare program, your pup is required to stay with us for a minimum of five (5) hours on evaluation day. The pet parent(s) do not need to be present for the evaluation, but please allow at least ten (10) minutes at drop-off to complete our agreements and to review your dog’s evaluation questionnaire. 

After drop-off, your dog will be welcomed to Red Dog with open paws! We will start the evaluation with a potty walk outside and a short waiting period in one of our Day Stay rooms. This way your pup can adjust to Red Dog’s new environment and meet some of the Pet Care Team. When your dog is feeling calm and ready, we will slowly introduce them to a small group of daycare dogs. We will observe for wagging tails, friendly body language and overall enjoyment of being with new friends. If your dog shows positive doggie reactions, we will then introduce them to the group that fits your dog’s personality best. We will continue to observe your dog closely through the entirety of the evaluation. If your dog is not enjoying their time with us, we will immediately call the pet parent with an update and alternative options for the day.

Please remember that we assess all dogs to interact with big and small dogs alike. Our in-depth observations allow for us to give honest feedback to the pet parent on how we believe your pup will thrive in our daycare program. 

What to Bring to Your Dog’s Daycare Evaluation:

  • Proof of current Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines (MA – a six month booster must be administered).
  • A flat-buckle collar with identification (either an engraved tag or embroidered). 
  • Lunch – only if your dog typically eats lunch at home. Please bring your dog’s meal pre-measured in a Ziploc bag or plastic container with a tightly sealed lid with your dog’s name written clearly on the outside. House food can be purchased for an additional charge. Please note that dogs are not fed any meals or treats, unless instructed by their pet parents.

Have You Recently Welcomed a New Adopted Dog into Your Family?

Some of our clients may be newer pet parents having their adopted dogs only a short time before the requested evaluation day. In order to accurately provide the necessary information for a daycare evaluation and to make sure a dog has had adequate time to adjust to his/her new routine, we require that all dogs, no matter what age, have lived with their new forever family for a minimum of two (2) weeks before participating in Red Dog’s daycare evaluation.

Do you have additional questions or concerns about our Doggie Daycare Evaluations? 
Please reach out to us directly, we are happy to answer any questions about our daycare program.