Dog à La Carte Services

Dog à La Carte Services – Packages

Busy Dog Package

For more active dogs, who prefer to have fun with human friends.

$40 per day (save $5)

This premium package is designed for our more active guests that are unable to play with other dogs, this package includes;

(1) Personal Play, (1) Go Fetch! (1) Frozen Kong with Peanut Butter and (1) Bedtime Tuck-In w/ Bedtime Story

Sleepy Dog Package

For dog’s who love the lazy life.

$22 per day (save $5)

This package is designed for our more low-key guests that prefer to snuggle and cuddle, this package includes;

(1) Yappy Time, (1) Personal Play and (1) Doggie Turn Down Service

Hungry Dog Package

$12 per day (save $4)

Did somebody say treat?!

Yappy Time, Frozen Kong w/ Peanut Butter, Ice Cream Treat

Puppy Dog Package

$36 per day (save $9)

For the younger pups who need to keep busy, but may not be quite ready for daycare!

Personal Play, Go Fetch!, Frozen Kong w/ Peanut Butter and Quick Relief (two extra potty breaks)

Red Dog VIP Package

$52 per day (save $15)

Personal Play, Yappy Time, Quick Relief (two extra outdoor potty breaks), Frozen Kong w/
Peanut Butter, Bed Time Tuck-In w/ Story, Premium Bedding Upgrade, Purified Water and one photo sent to your email for each day the package is purchased!

*Unfortunately, we are unable to offer substitutions for packages.

a La Carte Menu Discounts for Families

We love when the whole family can stay with us at Red Dog! To make their stay as fun and enjoyable as possible, we offer 50% off all A La Carte Packages for the 2nd & 3rd pet guests in the same household.