General Surgery

Boston Animal Hospital offers spays, neuters, growth removals, wound repairs and dental surgeries.

We understand that anticipating a pet’s surgical procedure can produce a number of questions and cause concern for his or her well-being. Please know that we at Boston Animal Hospital are committed to your pet’s comfort and your peace-of-mind in this stressful time.  Please read through the information below and feel free to call us with any additional questions at (617) 427-2210.


Once you have scheduled your pet’s surgery, we will set up a pre-surgical appointment in order to perform blood tests and a complete physical examination. This appointment will allow our staff to determine the best medication for your pet and his or her ability to process anesthesia during the surgical procedure. Our veterinarian will also use this time to explain the surgery and address any questions or concerns.

The night before your pet’s surgery please ensure that they do not eat or drink after 12 a.m., midnight.

Day of Surgery

When you schedule the surgery, you will also schedule a drop-off time, usually the morning of the planned procedure. While dropping your pet off, our staff will ask you to fill out some forms and sign a consent form, which requires about 10 minutes of your time.

Throughout your pet’s entire stay at Boston Animal Hospital, we will ensure that he or she remains comfortable by actively treating pain in each patient. Our state-of-the-art surgical suite, featuring modern patient monitoring equipment, allows us to closely observe your pet throughout the course of the procedure.

After the surgery, our veterinary technicians will monitor and tend to your pet during his or her recovery. You will receive a call to notify you that your pet has left surgery and to schedule a discharge appointment.


At the discharge appointment, you will learn about what to expect and how to nurse your pet during his or her recuperation. Feel free to address any questions or concerns at this time. We will also gladly answer any questions that arise once you and your pet are at home. Additional appointments may be scheduled to supervise your pet’s recovery or to remove sutures.

Over the course of this experience, our staff will strive to serve you and your pet in every way possible. Thank you for entrusting him or her to our caring hands.