About Us | Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa

Red Dog, A Full Service Company

Red Dog is a family owned and operated full service pet care company. While we are not a big corporation, we are focused on growth and opening new locations where we can provide the very best in pet care. The “Red Dog” brand began in 2007 with the opening of the flagship location in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Our founder, Raymond Schneider, created the brand with the goal of offering five star service to all furry family members. This includes overnight accommodations, upgraded private suites with music, TVs, as well as petite suites for small breeds, dorms offering outdoor patios, and large “family” accommodations.

In addition to delivering the best in pet services, we focus on excellence in cleanliness and the health of all pets. Red Dog offers individualized diet choices including high quality house food, personalized meals brought from home and the ability to serve fresh food offerings. The air at each Red Dog location is completely replaced every ten minutes with an air circulation system, reducing the chances of bacteria, germs or odors in the resorts. Red Dog resorts are cleaned with veterinary grade cleaners several times a day. We know how important it is for our pet guests to have a fun, happy experience as well as stay healthy during their visit. Additionally, each resort is staffed 24 hours a day, unlike other kennels and veterinary clinics that offer overnight accommodations.

Our Boston Red Dog location was created in 2010 to offer pet owners in and around the city every service necessary for their pet – all under one roof. The Red Dog Center features The Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa with top quality overnight accommodations for dogs and cats, daycare, grooming, training, and an aquatics center. Also at the location are the Red Dog Boutique, a full service retail shop, and the Boston Animal Hospital, which provides full veterinarian services six days a week.

The brand has continued to grow with the 2014 opening of Mason Red Dog Pet Resort in Ohio. Not only did Mason quickly become popular as a top notch pet resort, but it was awarded the distinction of being the Resort of Kings Island, one of the Cedar Fair Entertainment parks.

Our mission is to continue bringing the Red Dog experience to pet owners in new locations with a focus on extraordinary care. In December 2017, we opened our newest location on the North Shore in Massachusetts.